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Are you FREEVIEW* confused  . .



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. . There are two types


Freeview*   Satellite DVB-S receiver




Freeview* | HD   DVB-T  Terrestrial receiver  HDTV



  You can use this type of receiver anywhere in NZ where you can setup a Satellite dish with a clear view of the Nth Western sky. The receiver can connect to an unused SKY dish and receive about 16 channels of Freeview service currently being broadcast. These receivers are cheaper than the DVB-T receivers. The vertical resolution output is 576 pixels.  Large LCD screens 37” - 50” can up scale the signals on these receivers very satisfactorily.   It is possible to tune in 8+ radio channels (on the non certified receivers we sell), with some of these, off the Sky frequencies. TV One +1 TV2+1, TV3 +1, Bravo+1 are 1hr time shifted versions of TV One, TV2  and TV 3. There is now 4 regionalised advertising versions (Auckland, Waikato, Wellington Region, South Island) of TV One accounting for  4 channels of the same programme content each.




You can use this receiver only in NZ’s main centres and Regionals. The old ANALOGUE service ceased in December 2013. There are going to be many viewers in the cities and country areas who can’t get any reception and these people should use the DVB-S Satellite service.  There are just as many channels currently available on DVB-T service.  There are regional channels as well.  The TV’s vertical resolution on this service ranges from 576, 720, and 1080i on TV One TV2 and TV3  This is why The Terrestrial service is referred to as Freeview HD service even though the other channels broadcast in SD - Standard Definition.

















* Note the Freeview name is a registered trademark in NZ see here with more information here and here








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