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Dish Install see Installation YouTube Video Here     Note: press pause II to allow the video to download before playing.



















Dish Install: How to Align a dish to the FreeView Satellite 
For the location of the satellite click here



















Freeview Facts


















Vu+Solo2 HD Two Tuner Receiver









Vu+ Solo2 Vix NZ Firmware 17 May 2018















How to install Firmware above














NZ Receiver Guide














Vu+ Solo2 manual
























Vu+Solo2 HD 2 Tuner Receiver





Record  a HD channel within the 7 day published EPG detail.  The issue is that the HD Channels have only NOW and NEXT programme information
However the SD Channel has the 7 day EPG. The trick is to select the SD channel 7 day EPG time and date info, and use that to programme record the companion content of the HD Channel.


  • Select the SD Channel on the EPG 7 day info screen.
  • Scroll >> to the Programme title you wish to record. Highlight
  • Press green button "O" (Add Timer)
  • Scroll down to Record a series .. can change from onec to repeated if needed.
  • Scroll down to Channel press OK
  • Scroll to the HD channel version of the programme you wish to record and press OK or Press green button "O"
  • You wont see the usual symbol on the EPG time line. It pays to check MENU / TIMERS / TIMERS / OK to see it is there.








Vu+Solo2 HD 2 Tuner Receiver





The latest image appears to over-run the screen with menu text parts hidden


User interface
Position setup

- Decrease value of  width to about 680
- Increase left/ right value until on left side the background of the blue eliminates the picture image below
- Increase the width value so that the right hand side blue background covers image below.
- Decrease value of height to about 545
- Increase Move Up/Down value until at the top the background of the blue eliminates the picture image below
- Increase the height value so that the  bottom of the blue background covers image below.
Save settings


















 NEW Multiview 12v HD Receiver


File information



Has 2 x USB sockets with one on the front





This file will only work on UPDATED receivers - Read next section below.


Channel list update 1 June 2018





To Update box
- Click on DOWNLOAD left and unzip file.
- Copy sdx file to a USB stick Plug into front of box and power on the receiver
- Press menu on remote
- Scroll Right to Plugins
- Scroll down to Upgrade By USB 
- SCROLL left once 
- Scroll Down to TP Prog 
- Scroll Right and select file called NZ Channels_June2018.sdx
- Wait till finished and restart receiver.



















3 file UPDATE for receiver from April 2015 to August 2016




Instructions to load 3 file UPDATE above




Basic users manual























Satlink / Openbox 12v HD Red  Receiver - Old model


Historical File information



Receiver has only one USB slot on back






Channel list final update August 2016 - Install Info


















SATLINK 4000    Downloads


Historical file information





Satlink 4000 Channel last update supported


















SATLINK 2800    Downloads


Historical file information 





Original Ch lists to get update see instructions below





Instructions: Firmware & Channels





Instructions: Installation of Receiver to Dish


















LED TV 19”    Downloads


File information





TV Channel upgrade




Instructions: TV Channel upgrade


















GPS    Download


Download information





Note the file is 80 meg and may take some time




 Instructions: How to load NZ maps








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